Torque Marine is leader of choosing new engine and revision

Volvo Penta or others when you choose your engine, you can get ideas from our experts without charge. also you can enjoy your new engine wi̇th the best prices and professional installation services.

Torque Marine supports you.

Marine services are based in Marmaris

Torque Marine, which is based i̇n marmari̇s, consists 3 centres as sales office, main workshop and marina workshop.

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Man Authorized Service Marmaris

When you choose MAN marine engine, you can take the advantage of the experience that our expert staff have. You can also enjoy the new MAN engine with the best prices and professional help.

You can get original marine MAN engine spare parts from our stock all the time. Also, you can get guarantee for all the works that you will get it done at our advanced workshop.

Marmaris - MAN authorized service & dealer

Torque Marine is an official MAN marine engine dealer in Marmaris. It has a wide range of market in the world market.

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Online sales is possible, not just office sales!

In early 2016, torque marine has innovated in so many areas and launched to world recently. offers reli̇able and fast online buying on website, you can find volvo penta and other marine products. you can look at the products online and order whatever you like; too.

Torque Marine is based in Marmaris

We are based in Мarmaris, but we can service to Bodrum, Fethi̇ye, Izmir, Antalya and surrounddings of Мarmaris.

We can also service other cities li̇ke istanbul if necessary. We have 3 centers including sales office, main workshop and marin workshop.